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BCA (in a nutshell)

Banding Coalition of the Americas is a 501 (c) (3) organization that is volunteer operated and is supported by the public to make our research and outreach goals possible. Founded in 2020, we strive to keep our mentors' legacy alive for years to come.

Mission Statement 

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Adult male Purple Martin from North Alabama outfitted with a lightweight light sensitive geolocator to track their migration to Brazil and back to their breeding grounds. 

Special thanks to Neil Jernigan Photography, Micah Green (Gulf Coast Media), and Courtney Mason Hilley | Mobile Baykeeper, CURRENTS for contributing website photos.

BCA is dedicated to avian research and outreach. By employing banding and cutting-edge tracking techniques, our goal is to connect the dots of birds’ lives to fully understand their life cycles for conservation. 

Bird banding is a federally permitted activity in which a bird is captured, data is collected, and a serial-numbered lightweight band is affixed around the bird's leg before the bird is released. It allows us to collect important data on the lives of birds.

We believe we can achieve better knowledge of bird migration connectivity by building better connections throughout the Americas including Central and South America.


To understand the complexity of migratory birds, one must study their full annual cycle (i.e. breeding, non-breeding, and migratory range). We make it our mission to enhance people’s knowledge of birds through scientific outreach and education. We achieve

this by offering public bird bandings and sharing our work with the general public. We believe by taking these actions, we can better conserve the species we love for generations to come.

We are federally licensed/permitted which allows us to conduct our research. All photographs were taken under proper permits and procedures. For more details about banding permits please visit the BBL website

All banding is being conducted under a federally authorized Bird Banding Permit issued by the U.S. Geological Survey's BBL.

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Meet Our Directors


Emma Rhodes

Co-founder of BCA

Director of Conservation & Scientific Research 

Master Bander

PhD Candidate at Auburn University

dauphinislandbanding-119 (2).jpg

Kyle Shepard

Co-founder of BCA

Director of Public Relations & Outreach


Sub-permitted Bander

Owner and operator of Shepard Services LLC.


Julia Voelker (Elliott)

Director at Large

Master Bander

Co-owner of Bird Watcher Supply Co. (Georgia)

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