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Connect, Engage, and Educate

What to learn about birds? We've got you covered! BCA is passionate about bringing you knowledge in an engaging way. Our outreach programs come in many shapes and sizes depending on what you're interested in.


School and Scout Groups

BCA offers educational talks to grade school classes and scout groups for free. These talks can cover a wide variety of avian topics to include: general migration, mechanics of bird flight, anatomy, conservation, bird banding basics, and why bird banding/research is important. Most talks can be suited for all ages but can be more technical depending on the class.

Banding Demonstrations

Banding demonstrations are a great way to see birds up close while learning about why we band and the data recorded during the process. Demos fit very specific applications, locations and situations. If you are interested in having us do a banding demo, please contact Kyle Shepard at for more details. **Please note, that we may ask for a donation for demos to help us cover equipment and travel costs.


Guest Lectures

Guest lectures can be an excellent way to introduce or emphasize a curriculum to your college courses or club! We can cater to most requests on avian topics to ensure cohesiveness with your current material.

Guest lectures are also applicable to Garden Clubs, Birding Clubs, and Audubon Societies. 

Public Banding Events

Throughout each year, BCA holds a few free publicly accessible banding events. Be sure to check our events page to see when and where the next one will be. To organize field trips, please contact Kyle Shepard at well in advance to discuss the best times as we sometimes have multiple field trips interested.

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