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Scaly-breasted Munia (Lonchura punctulata)

We are studying the scaly-breasted munia populations in the Southeastern United States. In our study area, these birds can be classified as "exotics", meaning a non-native species. Most likely introduced by escapees from the pet trade, we are monitoring their current population status as well as studying their morphology, dispersal rate, and overall "life histories."

As part of this study, we are employing the use of several tracking techniques in addition to using federal bands: color bands, RFID bands, and the smallest radio transmitters available. These devices help us identify individual birds without having to recapture them. Re-sight information is invaluable to this project because individuals can be tracked by trail cameras near feeders to record presence/absence data. We also rely on community scientists and birders who report any banded birds that they may observe at their feeders. As long as we have a photo of one of our color banded birds, we can determine where and when we banded that bird. Keep an eye on our blog section for recent updates on this project and how you can help!

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