How You Can Help!


As a non-profit organization, BCA runs purely on volunteers and donations to continue our research and outreach.

We greatly appreciate any and all donations. 95% of our donations go directly toward our research and outreach ( i.e. equipment, brochures, shirts, training, supporting young birders, etc.). The other 5% goes toward website costs, licenses, permits and insurance for public events. The button below will take you to our paypal link or if you prefer, checks can be sent to 17375 Tallasee Blvd. Foley, AL. 36535.

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A huge portion of our purpose is public outreach: engaging and informing as many people as we can about birds and the research we are doing. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok at @bandingcoalition.

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Become a Munia Host!

If you enjoy backyard birding, live in the southeastern United States, and have Scaly-breasted Munias you have come to the right place!

Part of BCA's Munia project relies on collective knowledge to help create a larger picture of what these birds are up to. One aspect is understanding "site fidelity" or how faithful they are to their origins. This is where our hosts come in. As a host, we will come to your house and band and record the occurrence of munias. Munia hosts assist us by periodically scrolling through the photos that have been taken and record the time, date, and color band combination of the munias that they observed.