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Our Origin Story

Continuing the Legacy...

All three of our directors (Emma Rhodes, Kyle Shepard, and Julia Elliott) started with the Hummer/Bird Study Group (HBSG).

The reason we are the banders and researchers we are today is thanks to Bob and Martha Sargent. They took us under their wings and trained us at the Fort Morgan State Historic Site banding station in Alabama, an operation the Sargents ran for over 30 years. It is our mission to continue their legacy.

Like any successful non-profit, the Sargents needed a hand with running such an incredible program. Along with the honor of  joining the ranks of HBSG, we were always surrounded by accomplished banders who were willing to share their vast knowledge from their many years, and sometimes decades, of work.

To the following that contributed to our training, making us the banders we are today, we would like to say thank you: 

Julia Elliott

Fred Bassett

Fred Dietrich

Mary Wilson

Duane Berger

Mark Armstrong

Mark Myers

Fred Moore

James Bell

Scott Weidensaul

Doreen Cubie

Sandy Lockerman

To the countless others that have supported us in the past, thank you for your constant encouragement. Finally, to Bob and Martha Sargent: none of us would be the birders and banders we are today without your kindness and willingness to to take us on. We hope we make you proud.

Kyle Shepard

  & Emma Rhodes



Above: Bob and Martha Sargent at the Fort Morgan Banding station (2012, Janice Neitzel). Below: Bob Sargent letting a child release a bird (Janice Neitzel). 

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