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Northern Saw-whet Owl Research

Northern Saw-whet Owls (Aegolius acadicus) have been of interest to researches recently to better understand the species’ movement ecology, migration phenology, and demographics. It was first thought that individuals observed of this species below 35°N were rare vagrants; however, recent studies captured individuals on a regular basis at 33°N latitude, setting the new record for geographic over-wintering location for the species. It is still uncertain, however, where most of these over-wintering southern birds breed. Currently, we are surveying locations in southern Alabama for these charasmatic little owls. We use standard protocols to survey for these owls based on Project Owl Net's work. We conduct night surveys from mid-October to the beginning of Decemeber. We use a call play back system to attract potential individuals into the owl mist nets.

We check the nets every hour or more as needed. The data we collect includes weather metrics, duration of effort, species, age, and sex. Follow us on social media for updates on this project!

Residential Owls

We also record observational data on other owl species during our efforts as well.


Emma our director holding a Saw-whet Owl she banded while assisting an owl project in Canada.

Red Morph Eastern Screech-Owl 

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